Use this form to request waiver or partial reimbursement of certain tow fees for low-income individuals, individuals experiencing homelessness, or first-time tow. You cannot use this form for vehicles towed outside the City and County of San Francisco.  


The owner (or renter) of the towed vehicle must be an individual.  Businesses, including partnerships, trusts, for-profit corporations, and nonprofit corporations, are not eligible for reductions.


You will be prompted to attach documentation to establish your eligibility.  You will also be required to submit your receipt showing that your vehicle was towed in San Francisco and that you paid to the SFMTA the required fees for the release of your vehicle. Follow the instructions that apply to you based on whether you believe you are eligible for a first-time tow reduction or low-income waiver of certain tow fees. 


This request must be complete and submitted to SFMTA within 30 days from the date you paid the fees to retrieve your vehicle.

US addresses only; no checks will be mailed to foreign countries.

Please provide the license plate number of your vehicle.

Please enter the State abbreviation in CAPS of the State the license plate was issued.

Please enter the Last Six Digits of the VIN

The Tow Reference Number can be found on the top right of your receipt.

...or have you already scheduled a Tow Hearing?

The function of this form is to request partial reimbursement or waiver of certain tow fees for first-time tow and low-income individuals.  You CANNOT protest the validity of the tow by submitting this form.  Any disputes regarding the validity of the tow will NOT be considered by submitting this form.  To contest a tow, you must do so at the following link:


You must complete this form within 30 days to be eligible for partial reimbursement even if you contest the tow.

                                   First Tow Partial Reimbursement 

Is this the first time SFPD or SFMTA towed your vehicle?  If so, you may qualify for the First-Tow reduced administrative fee. 


*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.
                                 Low Income Waiver of Certain Tow Fees

Do you participate in an eligible program for low-income families or individuals?  If so, you (the vehicle’s registered owner) may qualify for a waiver of certain tow fees.



Only qualified registered owners may qualify for the Low Income reduction.

Attach your rental agreement in addition to your benefit card.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

*Each file uploaded must be less than 20 MB.

By submitting this form, you (1) agree all the information you provide is correct and (2) agree to fully cooperate in the investigation or prosecution of any person responsible for any violation of law giving rise to the request for waiver or partial reimbursement.

To qualify for waiver or reimbursement, SFMTA must determine that you are eligible. If SFMTA determines you are eligible, the maximum dollar amount SFMTA will reimburse you is the amount in fees you paid in excess of the reduced fees. A check will be mailed to the address you provided.

You are responsible to notify the SFMTA immediately if you move or change your mailing address. When you complete this submission, you will be given a Case reference number and the email address to notify us of any changes.

Submitting this form to SFMTA does not guarantee you will receive partial reimbursement of the administrative fee you paid for towing and storage of your vehicle.