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* There is no need to re-apply if you are have already been in enrolled in the Free MUNI program *

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Effective August 15, 2021 - All youth 18 and under can ride regular Muni service for free without proof of payment. No need to submit an application. Just board and go. This form is only required for youth who live in San Francisco who wish to use Cable Car service for regular travel.

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We Apologize
Free MUNI for disabled patrons can only be applied for with a valid RTC Clipper card and we are unable to issue you one through this service. Click here for more information.
Please Note

Lost/Stolen RTC cards: Visit the SFMTA RTC Discount ID Office, 27A Van Ness Avenue (at Market), San Francisco, CA 94102 to fill out a replacement card form.  A $5 fee applies to all replacement cards.  Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To continue with application you will need to upload a photocopy or picture of a proof of age document (see next page)
What is an RTC Card?
RTC is short for 'Regional Transit Connection'. RTC Clipper Cards are issued by RTC office. RTC Clipper Cards have both a Clipper Serial Number (CSN) and an RTC Number.

If you apply for Free Muni with an Adult Clipper Card, your application will be rejected.
RTC Card Info
How to identify a Senior Clipper Card
A Senior Clipper Card is primarily white instead of blue and says 'Senior' on one side of it. Proof of Age must be shown at the time of purchase in order to be issued a Senior Clipper Card.

If you apply for Free Muni with an Adult Clipper Card, your application will be rejected.
Senior Clipper Card Info
Please Note

If your Clipper card has been lost or stolen please contact the Clipper Customer Service Center (1.877.878.8883)

Applicant Information

If you are submitting this application on behalf of another person, please provide their information in the fields below

City Free Muni is only available for San Francisco residents
San Francisco

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Free MUNI Details

8 digit code printed on the front of your RTC Card.

10 digit number printed on the back of your Clipper Card.

Proof of Age
Applying without a Clipper Card will take 7-14 days for us to process your request and requires upload of a photocopy or picture of one of the following:

* State Issued ID Card or Driver's License
* Birth Certificate
* SF City ID Card
* Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card
* Passport

Both name and age must be visible in the attached image.

All documents will be deleted from our system once your application is reviewed.


If your application is accepted, your last transit citation issued within 30 days of enrollment is eligible for dismissal. Please provide a citation or ID number from the citation so that we may review your record.